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Welcome to a world of leadership, the one that starts with yourself!

Surely the commitment to yourself or others in your charge brought you here, congratulations on that first step. 

At Lidera conCiencia Plena we believe that each individual is a leader, has the power to develop his personal evolution, takes control of his life and lives it to the fullest, also consciously contributing, the creation of a better world. A world positively impacted on all aspects of life, such as family, relationships, health, working relationships and of course the conversion of all this into services, products and goods, quality of life. It results in the performance of a leader who works focused on his evolution personally and professionally as he creates value around him.

Leadership with Full Science, is a Personal and Professional Development program aimed at people who want to enhance their internal resources, skills and tools to guide themselves and others in their own developments. It is designed for people who recognize themselves as leaders in their lives, who want to take on the role with responsibility and commitment, and who seek to become the information they need to do so. 

Leads withFull Science has an emphasis on self-knowledge and applied emotional intelligence in relationships with others; consciously transforming your energy and the effective management of your personal power; what you project and communicate, as well as the level of influence you have on others. The impact of a leader with Full Science is exponential. 

We integrate more than 40 years of experience in 4 leadership dimensions. Our work contains cutting-edge information derived from studies of neuroscience applied to leadership, mindfulness, quantum science and studies on image and power. All put in your favor in a practical way to support your process of change and evolution. And now you're one click away from taking control of your life, elevating your personal leadership, creating the success you want, transforming your world. 

The conscious leader is in knowledge of his own emotions, of his strengths, of his own personal energy, and above all of the power and its effect on himself and others.

– Lead Mindfulness

Jessie Ceballos

I have more than 18 years of experience in the corporate world in the strategic direction of human resources. My work brought me great satisfactions, but many other aspects of my life were affected, such as my health and relationships with others. Make the decision to work to retake the harmony that is natural in human beings. I wanted to live extraordinary things in every aspect of my life and not just have professional success. This quest led me into the world of mindfulness and neuroscience applied to leadership, which allowed me to create new forms of work and personal management while enhancing new skills. I currently integrate this valuable information into my training programs for leaders and entrepreneurs working for success in all areas of their lives.  

I am an Organizational Consultant, Executive & Life Master Coach. I have academic studies in Human Resources and Positive Psychology, as well as updating studies at Human Resources Management at Mount Royal University, Canada. I'm A Co-Funadora from the Center for Leadership in Evolution, Calgary – Canada.

Carolina Melendez

I am an entrepreneur and communication leader with more than 17 years of experience in the world of strategic communications, both on the agency side and on the client side. I have had the opportunity to manage different communication projects for large clients from strategic plan development, crisis management, internal communications as well as some edges of digital marketing. 

I specialized in Image and Power and am currently founder-CEO of Conecta Comunicaciones, a communications agency that I have maintained and led for 11 years.

I am defied as curious, passionate and always willing to continue to improve as a person consciously. I am proud to be part of your process of raising awareness of how you communicate and what impact you have on others for your future negotiation and influence processes.

We are all
a corporate structure:

We need a personal strategy to focus energy on goals, create an interpersonal culture, develop an image and have a vision that drives every step.

"A good negotiator must begin by discovering and understanding how his image is the first element of influence and impact on others."

– Carolina Melendez

Programas de formación

Años de experiencia

Leadership 360

Personal Power

Power is understood as a person's ability to make something happen regardless of external agents, always starting from the will and recognition itself. 

Personal Power is part of our thoughts, actions and emotions, as affirmed by the Philosophy of Language, Neurolinguistic Programming, Neuroscience and Mindfulness.  

Thought is the number one element in developing personal power, but it develops through language or word, so the need to expand and appropriate it consciously. 

Knowledge about the vital energy that is managed and how to transform it, is key to making it the engine that drives and promotes emotions and actions to realize dreams, ideas or longings.Learn more…


Being conscious refers to the ability of human beings to recognize theself in their essential attributes. To be aware (knowledge in itself) is to have in hand the ability to know the aspects or tools that we have to address or alter the personal reality or that of another in whom you influence.

Wisdom as a life tool is part of self-knowledge, awareness of experiences and their application in a general realm. The conscious SER is able to perceive reality and recognize itself in it, to relate to it and also has the capacity for reflection that sharpens its criterion, giving it the possibility of good judgment. This element is key to the effective relationship of a Leader withFull Science.Learn more…

Image and Communication

Our image, from the physical and psychological, is the most important message that we transmit at all times of our life. Even without speaking, our body transmits information that when well handled, can represent not only effective communication but an excellent way to positively impact others, under whatever kind of relationship we are Doing.  

The coherence between who we are, say and do is a balance that every leader must know how to manage by taking control of their own image and their form of assertive communication based on who you are as an individual, your image, your style of communication and your true impact towards others.   

Communication is a process of exchange, of information that must be adequate and accurate to allow the other party to know our realities and to generate agreements of power and influence. Learn more…

Influence and Negotiation

Power to others has been seen as the ability to make others do what one wants, individually or in groups. At all times in our lives, this has been a natural exercise and often we are unaware of how much influence we have achieved.

Every Full Science Leader wants to be a positive influence on their environment: family life, work, friends, among others. Leadership is a process of influence over the behavior of others; offering better criteria, conflict resolution, credibility; this from the knowledge or recognition of the power that is held and the image that, together with communication, are two important pillars of self-knowledge. A leader makes effective use of his influence to achieve goals, plans, or projects. Every negotiation process is carried out by those who exert the greatest influence. Negotiating is a process that begins within each one and needs permanently our balance, emotional coherence and self-knowledge to be used effectively. Learn more…

What it is ab
out Full Leadership:

  • Of having a greater awareness of self and his personal powe
  • rSer able to transform his environment with resil
  • ienceSustaina a high performance for longerK
  • now to maintain calm and focus despite external chaosIn
  • crease the effectiveness of him and his teamCo
  • mmit to yourself, with its purpose and with the restCapac
  • ity to know how to control your stress levelsFlexib
  • le and know how to adapt your expectationsH
  • ave a great power of influence and positive impact
  • To visualize and project in the future

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